Slade Summer School – Day 2

I started my day eating biscuits in bed. I was actually meant to be jogging, but I had a bit of a situation. You see, normally I travel with only a cabin bag – being that I’m too stingy to pay for one in the hold. But, for this trip, I thought I’d splash out; so paid the money and loaded up a big suitcase. Only, I found that I didn’t have enough things put in it; so, to stop everything rattling around, I decided on a last-minute addition…my jogging gear. Now, I realise I’m not someone you’d necessarily associate with physical activity; but I have started jogging and, strange to relate, I am rather enjoying it.

So there I was, sitting in my little London room, planning my route and checking what time the park was open; when, to my dismay, I realised I have forgotten jogging-pants. As progressive as London is, I’m pretty sure if I went prancing around Bloomsbury Park in my knickers, there would be some sort of protest…probably with placards. So I had to stay in bed and eat biscuits instead.

After my delicious start to the day, I wandered off to the Victoria and Albert Museum, where I met up with my class.

The Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington

The Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington

If you’ve never been to the V&A, then next time you’re in London, you should put it on the list. It is fabulous! For a start, the lighting is really low, so you look 10 years younger. And, of course, there are lots of wonderful things to see; though, if your eyesight is failing, you might need a torch.

Our teacher took us on a little tour and helped us look at things in different ways, keeping in mind our drawings back at the studio. My favourite thing we was a sculpture called:

Head of an Ox on a Tree

Which was a head of an ox on a tree with a funny growth on his head that looked like a brain.

Head of an Ox on a Tree

Head of an Ox on a Tree

After our tour, we were meant to draw things; so I took a few photos and wandered off to see the underwear exhibition. Aptly named, Undressed: A brief history of underwear – it showcased the evolution of undergarments from the 18th century to today. What about pre 1800’s? well, it seems they didn’t wear any, the rascals. It was very interesting to see the changes in what are now essential items of the decent person’s apparel, and, you can be sure, we are at the lucky end of their evolution. I would’ve liked to have shown you photos of the corsets and bloomers etc., but, just as I was taking my camera out of my bag, a lady with a badge stopped me, Apparently you can take photos of priceless artefacts elsewhere in the Museum, but the knickers are off-limits; so, you’ll have to make do with this:

Exhibition poster.

Exhibition poster.

After our visit to the V&A, we went back to The Slade to continue our drawings, adding things we had seen at the museum. I added some lovely buttons to my eye-chickens and, was quite pleased with the results.

V&A buttons

V&A buttons

The only trouble with my buttons was, they were quite fiddly to draw and took flippin ages. I know you can get away with anything in art these days; but a few eye-chickens and a couple of buttons on a huge sheet of paper might be pushing it. So, as I have no pants to jog in and have eaten all the biscuits, I am going to go to the studio early to tomorrow and knock out a few more buttons, before heading off on our next museum visit.

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