4m Thoughts

This body of work embraces two things I love very much: dreaming and getting up at 4am.

I adore dreaming, and start the day very excited if I happen to remember what I dreamt the night before. Getting up at 4am has a similar hold on my affections; it seems to me to be a very precious time of the day, one filled with mystical potential, which is why it has been favour by netherworld seekers since time immemorial.

Recently I have had the misfortune of not being able to remember my dreams upon waking, so, I thought I would get up at 4am (something I had been doing for painting for the past few years, until a change in schedule meant I no longer needed to) and make a collage before doing anything else, in the hope that it would be another way to tap into my subconscious.

Here are the results:

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14May18 – hand-cut collage

SELFIE – there is a tendency these days to over-identify with our face (especially with the advent of selfies), as though the face is synonymous with the self. This isn’t so bad when we are young and beautiful, but it can cause great distress (and in extreme cases, profound psychological disturbance) when our face changes as we age. The answer is less about changing our face (which, though possible these days, has a macabre aspect to it), and more about realising true beauty resides in the inner self; which, when healthy and balanced, transcends one’s outward appearance, no mater how altered by time.


11May18 – hand-cut collage

NUMEN – from the Latin to ‘nod’ …used in Ancient Rome to describe the spiritual force in inanimate objects, places or phenomenon that inspired awe. Such places were thought to contain divine power or will, designated by its ability to consent (or nod). In our industrialised and technological world (esp. in cities) we are no longer surrounded by numen (or have lost our ability to perceive it), which is, in part, responsible for our deep sense of alienation.

The Shadow

08May18 – hand-cut collage

According to Jungian psychology, THE SHADOW is that aspect(s) of a person that is relegated to the closet of the psyche. In there are those traits the ego finds painful or shaming and, therefore, does not want to be associated with. Most people have no conscious awareness of what is lurking in their closet, and go about willy nilly projecting that contents on to other people. If you are curious what might be lurking in your closet? A sure sign is, those traits you find intolerable in others.

The Paramour

07May18 – hand-cut collage

PARAMOUR – from Old French ‘par amor’ meaning ‘for the sake of love’.

06May18 – hand-cut collage

INVENTING THE SELF – invent, from the Latin ‘invenire’ meaning to ‘find’ (viz. to find by seeking).