Light Exhibition 2019

Hodgson Loom Gallery


Lucent – acrylic on canvas

Lucent: glowing or giving off light, luminous.

Origin: Late Middle English: from Latin lucere – ‘shining’.

Light is the most glorious aspect of the universe. It is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. It is the means by which we see colour and form and the beauty of the world that we live in. Our highest concepts of divinity are synonymous with light, as is our concept of enlightenment, whether it be intellectual or spiritual. Without light, nothing would exist.

Feather Light

Feather Light – goose feathers, silk, porcelain, enamel paint.

When humans mastered light (initially by fire, later natural fuels and electricity) we gained control over the natural world. In gaining that control, we simultaneously began to exploit it. In order to light the darkness and further our advancement, not only have we gouged out the earth and stripped it of its resources, but we have turned other living creatures into commodities.

This installation is a gentle reminder of the impact of our mastery of light on the creatures around us.

The goose feathers, which provide warmth and protection, symbolise the natural habitats we destroy so that we can light our artificial habitats during hours of darkness.

The porcelain, which traditionally contained animal bone in order to give it a translucent quality, and the silk, which is harvested from the remarkable process of tiny worms, so that we might have luminous clothes, symbolise the creatures we exploit to increase our sense of luxury by giving objects a semblance of light.

The only synthetic element is the red enamel paint, which symbolises the blood that has been shed so we can live with artificial light.