“It seem to me madness to wake up in the morning and do something other than paint…” – Frank Auerbach

Above is one of the first paintings I ever did. It was painted in a friend’s garage, using automotive paint. Despite its lack of artistic merit, I decided, on its completion, that I would spend my life painting.

You see, I held the conviction (and still do) that if I gave myself to something  – even something I possessed no disernable gift for; if gave it my time, energy and resources, then something beautiful would happen, something akin to creation. All I had to do was show up and keep trying.

As Jacob Bronowski said:

“Creation consists of finding unity, finding likenesses, finding pattern…Nature herself is chaos; she is full of infinite variety without order. But if you see her with inner vision, a creative mind (whether poetic…or scientific…) there comes a moment when many different aspects suddenly crystallize in a single unity. You have found a key; you have found a clue; you have found a path which organizes material. You have found what Coleridge called “unity in variety.” That is the moment of creation.”

About a year after the garage painting, I experienced one such moment of creation – a kind of exponential, creative leap forward; from there I began the project I have been working on for the past 15 years, which will very likely be my life’s work.

The project, when finished, will consist of 12 paintings. Each has taken longer than the last, and I am currently painting number 8. Except for Saturday, I show up every morning at 4am and live my life around my 3 daily painting sessions.

I do not put photos of the paintings on the internet. But, anyone who wants to is welcome to come and see them.

I remain convinced of my ‘inner vision’ and will likely die with a brush in my hand trying to fulfil it. Of course, I might be wrong. My paintings may end up in a garage where they began. But, if I am right…