I began this series of collages because I was having trouble remembering my dreams; so I decided to make a collage first thing in the morning, as often as possible, with the hope it would be another way to tap in. Once I started the project, my dreams came back with full force and a new avenue of creating and learning opened up. These collages are the result of that process. They reference the ideas of Carl Jung, mythology, philosophy, dreams, the hero’s journey, literary figures, popular culture and more.

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Holy Cow

31Jul18 – hand-cut collage

HOLY COW – One of the greatest exemplars of human nature can be found in our relationship with cows. Domesticated an estimated 10,500 years ago from wild ox in the near east, cows have been our constant companions and, in many cases, our most valuable resource. Because of their symbiotic relationship with us, they have been an object of both divine adulation and unspeakable cruelty; the latter is particularly true of their treatment in the industrialized world. What they once gave freely, we now take with ruthless mechanisation. It is tempting to think that abstaining from beef and dairy will exculpate us; but if we wish to wash the blood from our hands we would also have to do away with our current forms of dyes, ink, adhesives, plastics, pet food, plant food, shampoo, conditioner, wallpaper, plywood, refined sugar, charcoal, glass, air filters, brushes, insulation, chewing gum, candles, detergents, fabric softener, deodorant, shaving cream, perfume, crayons, paint, biodiesel, cement, ceramics, chalk, explosives, anti-freeze, instrument strings and more.

The Second Coming of Mao

06Jul18 – hand-cut collage

THE SECOND COMING OF MAO – “Freud would say that rather than liberation from patriarchy, third wave feminism is essentially replacing the authority of the “father” with the authority of state and with what Lacan would call the “Big Other”…Or an unseen super-ego type construction that metaphorically peers over everyone’s shoulder and enforces self-censorship out of fear of being sanctioned by the big other.”
Henri St. Meursault

Man Down

02Jul18 – hand-cut collage

MAN DOWN – The concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ refers to cultural masculine norms that are considered harmful to society- i.e. dominance, self-reliance and competition.
There is a move towards dismantling these masculine norms, especially in the socialisation of young boys. If this process is taken too far, the results will likely be disastrous. For, not only are these masculine norms responsible for the physical infrastructure of the modern world, they also happen to be (if the popularity of ‘50 Shades’ is anything to go by) the most sexually attractive traits in men.

The Lonely Seether

1Jul18 – hand-cut collage

THE LONELY SEETHER – one of the gravest consequences of modern life is the sense of alienation and loneliness it fosters in people. It is typical to view people in such a state as essentially harmless; when, in truth, some are seething with rage. If their rage becomes pathological and fuelled by nihilism and a hatred of being, the consequences can be catastrophic, not only for themselves, but for all those around them.


28Jun18 – hand-cut collage

BAKED – suburban mothers are one of the fastest growing groups of prescription drug abusers. Opiates, benzodiazepines and amphetamines in particular are abused, in an attempt to ease pain, reduce anxiety and increase energy respectively. It is a revealing commentary on the reality of modern living.


18Jun18 – hand-cut collage

TATEMAE – [Japanese ‘built in front’, ‘facade’] the face one shows to the world, as opposed to Honne [‘true sound’] a person’s true self, feelings and desires. With the proliferation of social media, people in the West are fast developing a Honne & Tatemae dichotomy of the self. Even more alarming, many identify with their Tatemae (in this case, their online persona) to such an extent that their Honne (true self) becomes subsumed within it and is all but lost. This will likely have disastrous psychological consequences as people age and can no longer maintain the Tatemae they have constructed for all the world to see.

Night Nurse

16Jun18 – hand-cut collage

NIGHT NURSE – according to the Five Factor Model of personality, people most likely to become resentful are those who are high in agreeableness (esp. compassion) and high in conscientiousness (esp. order). When resentment becomes pathological in such people they can be extremely dangerous, as in the case of nurses who kill their patients. Like opium, they appear to be motivated by easing pain, when, in truth, their greatest potential is directed towards inflicting it.


14Jun18 – hand-cut collage

WHO? – According to Jung, judging the actions of a person, in terms of good and evil, requires the deepest reflection; and the most important question to be asked is “Exactly WHO is the doer?”

Dead Man

09Jun18 – hand-cut collage

DEAD MAN – According to Jung, women possess an unconscious masculine archetype called the Animus. For a woman to be psychologically whole, she must become conscious of her Animus and integrate it into her psyche, thereby making use of the positive aspects of masculinity. Failing to do so can cause a woman to become ‘possessed’ by her animus; in which case she will be subject to the negative, destructive aspects of masculinity, which Jung believed her family in particular would bear the brunt of. This collage also alludes to society’s denigration of the masculine and the likely consequences

Hamartia & Hubris

24May18 – hand-cut collage

HAMARTIA & HUBRIS – Hamartia [n. tragic flaw – from the Greek ‘hamartanein’ – to miss the mark when shooting an arrow, viz. to fall short] refers to a character flaw or error that leads to the downfall of a hero. Hubris [n. from the Greek ‘hybris’ – excessive pride] makes a person believe they are not subject to the same cause and effect as everyone else.

Jung believed we are all players in our own hero cycle(s), and all have a tragic flaw, that, when accompanied by hubris, will lead to our downfall. In ancient versions of the Hero Myth, there is one of two outcomes: either the hero is destroyed completely; or they become fully conscious of their flaw/error, take responsibility for it and receive a second chance. In real life, the outcome is heavily dependent on the severity of the flaw/error and what others stand to gain by the hero being destroyed or reprieved.


24May18 – hand-cut collage

HIVE – for a creative idea to flourish, there needs to be combination of internal nurturing and external pollination. When the balance is just right and an idea is both protected and sufficiently fed, there is a good chance it will become a reality.


14May18 – hand-cut collage

SELFIE – there is a tendency these days to over-identify with our face (especially with the advent of selfies), as though the face is synonymous with the self. This isn’t so bad when we are young and beautiful, but it can cause great distress (and in extreme cases, profound psychological disturbance) when our face changes as we age. The answer is less about changing our face (which, though possible these days, has a macabre aspect to it), and more about realising true beauty resides in the inner self; which, when healthy and balanced, transcends one’s outward appearance, no mater how altered by time.


11May18 – hand-cut collage

NUMEN – from the Latin to ‘nod’ …used in Ancient Rome to describe the spiritual force in inanimate objects, places or awe inspiring phenomena. Such places were thought to contain divine power or will, defined by its ability to consent (or nod). In our industrialised and technological world (esp. in cities) we are no longer surrounded by numen (or have lost our ability to perceive it), which is, in part, responsible for our deep sense of alienation.

The Shadow

08May18 – hand-cut collage

According to Jung, THE SHADOW consists of those aspects of the self the ego finds painful or shaming and, therefore, does not want to be associated with. Most people have no conscious awareness of what is lurking in their shadow, and often project its contents on to other people. If you are curious as to what might be lurking in your shadow? A sure sign is, those traits you find intolerable in others.

The Paramour

07May18 – hand-cut collage

PARAMOUR – from Old French ‘par amor’ meaning ‘for the sake of love’.

Inventing the Self

06May18 – hand-cut collage

INVENTING THE SELF – invent, from the Latin ‘invenire’ meaning to ‘find’ (viz. to find by seeking).