The Garden

22″ x 30″ hand-cut collage

Commissioned by the Head of Tutorial & Admissions at Girton College, Cambridge.

This collage is based on the theory that there once existed in old Europe a matriarchal society that worshipped the divine feminine (or Great Goddess) – a time when peace and wisdom prevailed. The imagery used recalls the symbolism of the Great Goddess (inc. the bird, snake, bull and various flora), as described in the work of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. Although Gimbutas’ work is criticised for its idealism and unsubstantiated conclusions, her vision of a matriarchal world is inspiring nonetheless; a world where the life-giving and life-sustaining powers of woman are revered, where the earth is respected, and where life is lived in harmony with nature free from war.

The Garden (detail.a)

The Garden (detail.b)

The Garden (detail.c)

The Garden (detail.d)

The Garden (detail.e)

The Garden (full)